[Event] ARG Session at Visual Web Convention

ARG creator Dan Hon, co-founder and CEO of Six to Start, will be speaking about ARGs at the forthcoming Visual Web Convention being held in London on the 9th-10th July. Session 1: Policy, Engagement, & Action – casual serious games, virtual worlds, Visual Web and ARGs. What is the roadmap ahead? Chaired by Margaret Robertson […]

[Event] IGDA NYC Presents: “Alternate Reality Games: Is This a Game?”

Just a reminder that tomorrow night is the IGDA New York Chapter’s panel on ARGs, starring Mike Monello, Sharon Applegate, Frank Lantz, Catherine Herdlick, and a cast of thousands! If you’re in town, please try to come, I want to meet you. ^_^ You don’t have to be an IGDA member, it’s totally free, and […]

[Admin] Using the ARGology Blog

A quick summary of WordPress “Roles”: Administrators can do anything. Editors manage and publish anyone’s posts. Authors write and publish their own posts. Contributors write posts, but these posts don’t appear until published (by an Editor, for example). Subscribers only read. If you’re part of the SIG and need a certain role, let us know. […]

[Admin] More ARGology Features

If you look to your right, you should notice some new links on the sidebar. Chief among those are a Wiki and a Forum. Feel free to explore those.

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This is the Argology blog. It will ultimately be used for tracking developments within the IGDA ARG SIG. The Argology website is intended to be a repository for ARG-related information collected by the SIG.