Official Launch of ARGology!

Hello! This website is the product of efforts from the International Game Developers Association Alternate Reality Game Special Interest Group (IGDA ARG SIG) — whew! It was born out of the desire to provide key information about the very well known but little understood format of ‘alternate reality games’, and this first iteration (many more […]

[Event] One Week to ARGFest-o-Con!

That’s right, only seven days until the start of ARGFest-o-Con, the ARG fan community convention. There will be all sorts of ARG-related presentations, panels and events…and probably a few surprises as well. There’s still time to register, so if you can make it to Boston next week…

[Admin] More about roles, Posts and Pages

It turns out that Authors cannot write or edit Pages, only Editors can do that. There’s probably a plugin to assign capabilities in a less granular fashion, and I’ll find it if there’s demand; until then, though, we’ll just make people working on Pages into Editors.