ARGuing for Multilingual Motivation in Web 2.0 – A European ARG for Education

Posted on May 17, 2009
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Joel Josephson, executive director of the educational website Kindersite, writes:

We recently completed the final pilot of the European Union funded education project ARGuing for Multilingual Motivation in Web 2.0..¬† This project has built an ARG to promote language learning in secondary school students called ‘The Tower of Babel’…We will be presenting academic papers on the project at the forthcoming¬† European Association for Games in Education conference in October, Graz, Austria and will be placing documentation on the project website as well.

Check out the ARGuing summary video if you’re interested in ARGs in education, or ARGs in Europe, or ARGs in general!

Future-Making Serious Games has more ARGuing coverage.


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