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ARG Developers

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ARG Freelancers

Geneviève Cardin (Baroblik)
French Canadian ARG ideator and writer with a unique scenario-driven approach.
Baroblik elaborates innovative immersive environments, so far mostly for TV shows and films.
Projects: 2008 – Le Projet Rivard/The Rivard Project (ideator, writer, recruiter, puzzle designer, puppetmaster, videographer, etc.) *** Taxi022 (mini game designer + gameplay); 2007/2008 – CampusSJD (ideator, writer, moderator, community content reviewer, videographer, mini game designer); 2007 – Les Boys (gameplay for the Waterboy minigame and interface consultant)
2005/2006 – Un Homme Mort (One Dead Man) – (ideator, multiplatform/cross-media strategist, writer, videographer, puppetmaster) – (514) 924-8684

Projects: 2004 – Urban Hunt: writer, designer; 2005 – ARGTalk: writer, puzzle design; 2006 – Catching the Wish: writer, designer; 2007 – Monster Hunter Club: writer; 2007 – World Without Oil: writer, designer; 2007 – The 4400 “Battle Over Promicin”: writer; 2008 – Vroengard Academy: puzzle design; 2008 – puzzle design; 2008 – HBO/Campfire “True Blood”: writer, community manager; 2008 – Verizon/Campfire “My Home 2.0″: writer; 2009 – Ruby’s Bequest: community facilitator – 512-785-7747

UK based Writer, creator, producer all transmedia/cross-media/pervasive content.
Projects: 2007 - MeiGeist producer,director, writer,maker (as Licorice Films); KateModern online drama writer, live event director (Bebo/LG15). 2008 - The Sky Remains producer,director, writer,maker (HP Labs); Traces of Hope writer (British Red Cross/Enable Interactive). 2009 – Star Trek ARG writer,director (Bad Robot/Paramount/Rubber Republic); 221b Sherlock Holmes movie online game AI character script writer (Warner/AKQA/Hideandseek)

Marie Lamb
Writer, Story Developer, Videographer, Online Community Expert
Past Projects: Acheron (writer, story developer), Omnifam (writer, story developer), World Without Oil (writer, designer, videographer, community liaison & content reviewer) – Skype: Gupfee – Twitter: Gupfee

Jan Libby
NYC based Writer/Designer/Producer/Consultant
Projects Include: 2006 – Sammeeeees Creator, Prod, Director, Writer (Vodville); 2007-2008 Lonelygirl15 Writer/Interactive Designer (LG15/Eqal); 2007 Wrath of Johnson Creator, Prod, Director, Writer (Vodville); 2008 Whatweird Writer/Interactive Designer (LG15 & 20th Century Fox); 2008 Eldritch Errors Writer/Director/Producer (GMD Studios); 2009 Levi’s Go Forth Experience Design/Consultant (Wieden + Kennedy); 2010 Untitled Project Creative Consultant (Toyota Scion)

Haley Moore (Toenolla)
Web design, graphics, swag design, event planning and management
Previous Projects: Omnifam, Catching the Wish, Monster Hunter Club (The Host ARG) – AIM: thejesteriii – #214-498-5236

Claudia Rodriguez Ortiz
Designed ARGs for the Netherlands: DJ Stalker, Innercity the Game: The Lost Track/ Colours of Music, Mystery Land: Henk Wilbers and De Vrije Ordre, Stein’s Angels. Now developing ARG for multilanguage education within Europe.
AHEAD OF THE GAME – skype: clasky

Experience Designer. Projects include: Why So Serious (for the film The Dark Knight), Year Zero, (for the Nine Inch Nails album Year Zero), The Vanishing Point (Microsoft’s Vista Release), Dead Man’s Tale (for the film Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man’s Chest) and Last Call Poker (Activision’s game Gun).
scpeters at gmail / 818.422.4898

Game Designer, Writer
Projects: Cloudmakers (community moderator), Perplex City (writer, producer), Cathy’s Key (website writer) Madame Zee (writer and designer), Voices (writer and designer), True Blood/Blood Copy (writer), RoutesGame (game design lead), My Super First Day (writer and designer) – Skype Andrhia – AIM Andrh1a

Web Designer, Artist, Writer, Designer
Projects: World Without Oil (writer, videographer, community content reviewer), Dark Waters – Helical Military Training ARG (web designer), Monster Hunter Club (web designer), The Battle for Promicin Campaign (community content reviewer), Catching the Wish (web designer, illustrator, writer), Orbital Colony (producer, designer, artist, web designer, writer)

JC Shafer
A filmmaker and multimedia designer in New York City; co-creator of prototype161 (; senior agent with Improv Everywhere ( Skills include: Writing, producing, puzzle design, event production, film and video cinematography and editing.

Brooke Thompson –
Experience Designer, Alternate Reality Gaming & Transmedia Storytelling
Projects: Eldritch Errors, Project Abraham, Why So Serious, Who is Benjamin Stove, Metacortechs, Missed Steaks, Lockjaw

Jonathan WaiteDigital Trail
Holomove (Reach the Future), Enitech Labs, Fallen, Monster Hunter Club

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