ARGs in Education & Training

The educational value of ARGs

Alternate reality games offer several educational advantages related to Web literacy and gaming.  The collaborative nature of gameplay encourages teamwork and interpersonal skills, both for face-to-face and distance groups.  ARGs teach a strong skepticism of digital information, based on the foundations of gameplay in puzzles and close examination of courses.  The complexity and diversity of ARG content appeals to diverse learners, learning styles, and literacies.  ARGs also offer a fascinating subject for study in any number of settings and disciplines, including identity, community, peer support/mentoring and cognitive studies.

ARGs are also useful in training and corporate environments, where they are able to generate knowledge, experience and reflection through lifelike events and environments.

Who is this page for?

Anyone who is involved in teaching, training, learning or research, and is interested in the rich affordances ARGs have to offer in these areas. You may, or may not be, one of the following:

Starting Points

The field is relatively young, and very few peer-reviewed publications currently exist (although details of the growing number will appear in the Research Archive,coming soon). However, the following links and publications are recommended starting points for studying ARGs in an educational context.

Current Projects

The following projects are those currently known to be active. If you have details of any other research projects or case studies, please add a comment to this page and we’ll add it to the list.

Archived, finished projects:

A full list of research and conference papers, case studies etc. will appear in the forthcoming Research Archive.

Active Researchers/Practitioners

The following staff and students are currently known to be working in the field of ARG education/research. Please check their published work/websites (where given) before contacting them directly.

Studying ARGs

The following courses contain some ARG elements within them (details below where known). Contact the college or individual listed for further information about enrollment, fees, content etc.

Forthcoming Events (Conferences, seminars etc.)

Research Projects

Related Research Areas

Research into ARGs overlaps with two other relatively recent additions to the educational research arena. Issues of community, problem solving and gameplay are being explored in relation to Massive Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Games (MMORPGs), with several studies based around games such as World of Warcraft. Issues of identity and pedagogy are driving forces behind Higher Education’s current fascination with Second Life and similar virtual worlds. Initial research, and several case studies of adopted use in educational contexts, are developing in the area of pervasive games and augmented reality games.

Starting points:

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