Awarded ARGs

There are at present no ARG-specific Awards run by an organisation or community (want to start one?!). ARGs have, however, been nominated and won awards for television, new media, marketing and activisim competitions, among others. The following ARGs are listed in chronological order, starting with the most recent award.

The Lost Ring (AKQA, 2008)

Heroes Evolutions (NBC, 2007, 2008)

Year Zero (42 Entertainment, 2007) [case study video]

Sanningen om Marika/The Truth about Marika (The company P, 2007) [full credits]

World Without Oil (various, 2007) [full credits]

The Ocular Effect (Matt Wolf & Xenophile Media, 2006) [full credits]

Perplex City (Mind Candy Design, 2005-2007) [full credits]

ReGenesis Extended Reality Game II (Xenophile Media, 2006) [full credits]

The Lost Experience (ABC, Channel 4, Yahoo!7, 2006)

ReGenesis Extended Reality Game I (Xenophile Media, 2005) [full credits]

Art of the Heist (Campfire, GMD Studios, McKinney-Silver, 2005) [full credits]

I Love Bees (42 Entertainment, 2004) [full credits

Majestic (Electronic Arts, 2001)

The Beast (Microsoft Game Studio, 2001)

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