Argology Updates

First, Argology has been updated to WordPress 3.0.  Second, the ARG Developers page has been updated with a number of new listings.  If there are any problems with your listing, let me know. So, are we all ready for ARGFest?

Official Launch of ARGology!

Hello! This website is the product of efforts from the International Game Developers Association Alternate Reality Game Special Interest Group (IGDA ARG SIG) — whew! It was born out of the desire to provide key information about the very well known but little understood format of ‘alternate reality games’, and this first iteration (many more […]

[Admin] More about roles, Posts and Pages

It turns out that Authors cannot write or edit Pages, only Editors can do that. There’s probably a plugin to assign capabilities in a less granular fashion, and I’ll find it if there’s demand; until then, though, we’ll just make people working on Pages into Editors.

[Admin] Using the ARGology Blog

A quick summary of WordPress “Roles”: Administrators can do anything. Editors manage and publish anyone’s posts. Authors write and publish their own posts. Contributors write posts, but these posts don’t appear until published (by an Editor, for example). Subscribers only read. If you’re part of the SIG and need a certain role, let us know. […]

[Admin] More ARGology Features

If you look to your right, you should notice some new links on the sidebar. Chief among those are a Wiki and a Forum. Feel free to explore those.

Hello world!

This is the Argology blog. It will ultimately be used for tracking developments within the IGDA ARG SIG. The Argology website is intended to be a repository for ARG-related information collected by the SIG.