Transmedia Artists Guild

As announced at ARGFest 2010, several ARG personalities announced the formation of the Transmedia Artists Guild, a nonprofit professional association for transmedia artists.  Earlier this week Andrea Philips delved into the TAG in more detail. Keep up with them at the Transmedia Artists Guild website, or on Twitter as @transmediaguild.

ARGuing for Multilingual Motivation in Web 2.0 – A European ARG for Education

Joel Josephson, executive director of the educational website Kindersite, writes: We recently completed the final pilot of the European Union funded education project ARGuing for Multilingual Motivation in Web 2.0..  This project has built an ARG to promote language learning in secondary school students called ‘The Tower of Babel’…We will be presenting academic papers on […]

[Event] ARGs in Charity and Education

The inimitable Adrian Hon recently announced the world’s first conference on ARGs in Charity and Education, to be Friday 5th December, in London. From the website: With sessions and panels by leading ARG designers, academics and educators in the field, this conference is an exceptional introduction to ‘serious ARGs’. For developers and commissioners of ARGs, […]

[Event] One Week to ARGFest-o-Con!

That’s right, only seven days until the start of ARGFest-o-Con, the ARG fan community convention. There will be all sorts of ARG-related presentations, panels and events…and probably a few surprises as well. There’s still time to register, so if you can make it to Boston next week…

[Event] ARG Session at Visual Web Convention

ARG creator Dan Hon, co-founder and CEO of Six to Start, will be speaking about ARGs at the forthcoming Visual Web Convention being held in London on the 9th-10th July. Session 1: Policy, Engagement, & Action – casual serious games, virtual worlds, Visual Web and ARGs. What is the roadmap ahead? Chaired by Margaret Robertson […]

[Event] IGDA NYC Presents: “Alternate Reality Games: Is This a Game?”

Just a reminder that tomorrow night is the IGDA New York Chapter’s panel on ARGs, starring Mike Monello, Sharon Applegate, Frank Lantz, Catherine Herdlick, and a cast of thousands! If you’re in town, please try to come, I want to meet you. ^_^ You don’t have to be an IGDA member, it’s totally free, and […]